“SONG OF LIFE is an unstoppable page turner. The Seven Kingdoms are a vibrant world with varied cultures and peoples embroiled in political intrigue, civil unrest, and a mysteriously dying land.”- Casey Alexander, early reader

Song of Life Releases on March 10, 2020!

Published with Dragon Moon Press, Song of Life will be officially released on March 10, 202o. Pre-order dates to be announced soon! Available at all major outlets, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble stores.

Dying forests. Villages burned. Children taken. Whispers of revolution.

For Blue, the discordant notes in the land means one thing: Something is happening to magic.
The Nubien Massacre twenty years ago that left Blue the last of his kind–the last of those able to hear the land’s voice–was the start of magic’s erosion from the Kingdoms and minds. Most thought magic gone, but Blue knows better. It’s there and it’s in trouble. Without it, all Seven Kingdoms will go the way of Blue’s people.

Now Blue and this mismatched company of revolutionaries, outcasts, and murderers are all that stands between the Seven Kingdoms and a deathless plague as old as magic itself.
A.L. DeLeon delivered her first performance story as part of the all female lineup at the Trap Door Event on May 16th, 2019 held at Welch’s Ale House in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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The View From Poverty was the topic of discussion as A.L. DeLeon, known in real life as April Gerard, was selected as a TEDxFortWayne 2018 speaker.  By sharing the impact of homelessness and poverty on her early childhood life she hopes to help engage meaningful conversation and encourage ideas to help solve these issues.

Xersa’s Red is now available on Amazon Kindle!

Partnering with local artists in her hometown area, A.L.’s short stories not only give readers a short read for entertainment, but also showcase the art of many talented individuals.

Xersa’s Red cover art was done by sci-fi and surreal artist, Douglas E. Egolf over at the Art of Egolf.

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Scheduled for release in 2019 with Dragon Moon Press, A.L. DeLeon’s first epic fantasy novel Blue is the first in a planned trilogy series.  Beta readers have been anxiously awaiting it’s final release. DeLeon’s Publisher is currently putting the final touches on it for release later this year.

A.L. DeLeon has also received two different pieces of fan art from artists, Caanan White and David Matthew Weese, who have both encouraged her since the beginning of the novel’s inception.

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Tv Interview on Local FortWayne Insight show for TEDxFortWayne March 2018 event.