Many know me as April, but I write under the name A.L. DeLeon. I also own A.L. Deleon Agency, LLC.  

I have loved books and writing from a very early age- writing a short story in 3rd grade that won me the opportunity to meet an author at the time. I’ve spent a good 10 years creating many short stories and novels- several in various finished/unfinished states.

Soon, I will have a string of short stories available that are being illustrated by local artists in my area, the first of which is Xersa’s Red to be released winter 2017.

My upcoming novel Blue, to be published with Dragon Moon Press (2018), is a planned trilogy series and my attempt at sharing with the world a story that I hope conveys what I love about fantasy fiction and world building.

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@WingSeeker is my twitter if you’d like to tweet a hello 🙂 or find me on Facebook at A. L. DeLeon